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Math Wordle Game

Play Math Wordle online and train your mind by guessing equations. Math Wordle, also sometimes referred to as Nerdle, is an amazing puzzle game, but unlike the original version with words, in this one you have to use logical thinking and knowledge of algebra. Use numbers and symbols to make equations and find out which equation has been hidden.

How to play Math Wordle


The game is quite simple if you understand the rules. Your goal is to guess which mathematical equation was hidden. It consists of the same number of characters as the cell is in each line of the playing field.


Try entering any equation on the first line. For example 5+8+9=22. Click on the enter button. You will see that all cells have changed their color. Some are green, some are yellow or grey. These are hints.


Green color will mean that you guessed the correct number or symbol. That is, in the hidden equation, this symbol is located in this place.


The yellow color of the cell means that such a symbol or number is in a hidden mathematical problem but is located somewhere in another cell. Gray color will mean that there is no such symbol in the hidden expression at all.


With the help of the information received, continue to make new guesses until you guess which equation was hidden. But remember - you only have 6 tries to do it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the rules of Math Wordle?

The player's task is to find out which equation is guessed in the game. This should be a mathematical equality in which numbers and symbols are on the left side, and an integer is on the right side, after the equal sign. Enter any correct equations and use the received color hints.

Why do error messages appear?

Most likely the error message means that you entered the wrong equation. This means that the left side is not equal to the right side. The most common mistake in this case is that, according to the rules of algebra, the operations of multiplication and division should be performed first and only then the operations of addition and subtraction.

How to make the correct equation?

You can use either single digits or double digits. Depending on the number of characters in the equation (can be changed in the settings from 5 to 12), guess where the equal sign will be, and therefore how many digits in the number that is on the right. Next, try to make an expression from numbers and math signs so that it is equal to the number that follows the equals sign.

What are the settings in the game?

First, as mentioned earlier, you can change the length of an equation by clicking on a number in the menu or settings. Also, more complex modes are available in the settings that will make the game even more fun. And of course, the game has a timer that will let you know not only how smart you are, but also how fast you think.

Can I create a game with my own equation?

Yes, you can create a Math Wordle game by making up your own equation. To do this, in the menu, click on the icon with the blackboard symbol and the plus sign. You will see the game generator window, in which in a special field you need to enter a mathematically correct equation consisting of 5 to 12 characters. Next, click on the button below and copy the link to the resulting game. Share this link with your friends.
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Did you like Math Wordle?

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